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Hearthside Chat: Echo w/ Peter Whalen - Two New Witchwood Cards Revealed Battle for Azeroth - Blood Elf Golden Eyes The latest build of Battle for Azeroth included three new face options with golden eyes for the Blood Elf model. ...
Published Mar 23, 2018
Battle for Azeroth Alpha - Build 26287 A new build is on the way! Dark Iron Core Hound - You don't get dogs hotter than this.Reward from achievement: Allied Races: Dark Iron DwarfNew achievements have been added to unlock the Dark Iron ...
Published Mar 22, 2018
Dean Ayala: No More Even & Odd Cards for Witchwood Battle for Azeroth - Boralus Updates In the latest build of the Battle for Azeroth Alpha, the Boralus hub had some minor updates with some additional NPCs and furniture. You can see...
Published Mar 22, 2018
Season 6 Elite Ensembles Hotfix Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) PvP gear in legion has been a sore spot for the whole expansion, but season 6 has kind of been th...
Published Mar 21, 2018
Cross-realm Mythic Antorus Now Available Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) With this week's scheduled maintenance, we're making Antorus, The Burning Throne availab...
Published Mar 20, 2018

Another One Down!

By Esti a - Posted Feb 25, 18

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Shout out to Fev for 3 months! <3
1/11 Mythic lets get those screenshots on the front page!
Grats on Aggramar! Let's see that killshot!
Thanks for the 3 months Esti!
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