Heroic Nythendra

The Emerald Nightmare is here! We finished up Normal early on night number two and then dove into Heroic. No surprises – this bag of bones and pestilence gave up a better fight the second time around, but she went down nevertheless. The first kill shot of Legion with many more to come!

The Legion is back!

World of Warcraft Legion Everything We Know
And this time we’re prepared. With all the new and refreshing content, Legion has been nothing short of awesome so far. We’re gearing up and chomping at the bit to get right back to raiding. Are you? If so, come join us!

Mythic Fel Lord Zakuun

More like FELL Lord. Didn’t take too long to push this one over. After Grommash was finished carving his trophy, there wasn’t much left. Congrats to everyone on another kill!