Mythic Iron Reaver

Wow! So, it’s been awhile. Long time no update… What can we say. “Heroic” is not exactly what we’re looking at as noteworthy so late in the game. We’ve of course had our ups and downs just like everyone and seen a few faces come and go, but as usual we’ve got our Ahead of the Curve out of the way and have been rounding things out for 20 player content. That said with the recent patches and item upgrades we’ve really seen a boost and rolled over the Hellfire Assault and into Iron Reaver. With all of about 2 hours spent on these two we’ve got them both on the floor and have our sights set on council as we wrap up 2015.

Mythic Gruul


Probably the best encounter we’ve cleared so far this expansion. A great enrage timer, excellent movement mechanics, and one hell of a lot of fun to get a kill on. Kudos to Blizzard on the re-hash here, it’s a very fun fight.

Congrats to all who were in on our first kill, and a huge thanks to all those who put in face time over the week prior to get this down. Looking forward to many more!

Mythic Butcher

Turns out The Butcher isn’t a real fan of pool parties. We probably should have found some time to come kill this awhile back, but either way a quick and mechanically dull kill pulls us up to 3/7 in Mythic Highmaul.