Heroic Imperator Mar’gok

Video Courtesy of Alango

After a pleasant leveling experience, a couple raids, and our annual holiday break we got back to work putting this guy on the floor. Congrats to all who recieved their “Ahead of the Curve” achievement and thank you to all those who have helped make it happen. Mythic is up next and we’re recruiting. Come chat with us!

Heroic Thok the Bloodthirsty

It’s been a while coming, but after defeating summertime attrition, new jobs, vacations, surgeries, floods, server maintenance, and everything else the real world could throw at us we finished this one off after a rough start to the week. Unfortunately with keeping a raid rolling not everyone who built us up to this kill could be present. A huge thanks go out to two of our new recruits, Hurgy and Argusrefuge for their solid efforts, quick learning curves, and dedication to getting this zone cleared to a progression encounter. To Goremantle who has repeatedly put his faces in the mouth of this beast, but could not attend. Hope GenCon was a blast. Final Cricket, for keeping our raid well stocked and ready to kill even in his absence. We all hope you had fun at the lake!