Mythic Gruul


Probably the best encounter we’ve cleared so far this expansion. A great enrage timer, excellent movement mechanics, and one hell of a lot of fun to get a kill on. Kudos to Blizzard on the re-hash here, it’s a very fun fight.

Congrats to all who were in on our first kill, and a huge thanks to all those who put in face time over the week prior to get this down. Looking forward to many more!

Mythic Butcher

Turns out The Butcher isn’t a real fan of pool parties. We probably should have found some time to come kill this awhile back, but either way a quick and mechanically dull kill pulls us up to 3/7 in Mythic Highmaul.

Mythic Beastlord Darmac

Video Courtesy of Alango

Feels great to be back in Mythic content and this was a prime example of just how difficult that last few moments can really be. Congrats to everyone, especially those who helped get us here, but weren’t able to participate in our first kill.